Introducing Artificial Intelligence

Introducing Artificial Intelligence is an illustrated guide to artificial intelligence aimed at a general readership.


Can machines really think? Is the mind just a complicated computer program? Introducing Artificial Intelligence focuses on the major issues behind one of the hardest scientific problems ever undertaken. Artificial Intelligence is not just a fictional concept. Half a century of research into the construction of intelligent machinery has resulted in machines capable of beating the best human chess players and humanoid robots that can walk and interact with us. Despite early claims that intelligent machines were just around the corner, progress has been slow and difficult. How exactly should we go about building an intelligent machine? Should it work like a mind? Should it work like a brain? Does it require a body? Introducing Artificial Intelligence clearly explains the advances made over the past half-century, from Alan Turing's influential groundwork to cutting edge robotics and the New Al.

Editions and Translations



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